it strikes me funny that after all my shit my folks still believe i am catholic, or that there is “hope” in me

Dahil relevant ang kuryente. Just some shit i accidentally took while on a trip somewhere.
I find this really disturbing and beautiful.
Loot from BLTX V.
Got two issues of The Literary Apprentice (UP Writers, Diliman), Hindi man lang nakita of Ayer Arguelles, Two or Three Things About Desire of Chingbee Cruz, Adam David’s Crows and Rages, and lots and lots of other zines my goodness

Anonymous asked - "yo. i should have spoken to you more than patti had i seen this tumblr but it didn't happen. anyway, posting to ask men can't be anarchist because of prostate? i didn't get the joke but i'm curious since u've got the foucalt & zizek totems, would you prefer the artist over the anarchist? or not? or both? thanks for reading. sumthin did happen today."

So you were there. Anyway hooow did you not get that joke it was funny! Both, artist and anarchist, I don’t see why not both. Artists (well at least those I know of) thrive in anarchy anyway. And anarchism and art has had a long history. Art is like i dunno the extension of whatever politics (at least from my perspective) the artist has so it’s not really that inseparable from anarchy, if the artist were an anarchist really. Why even this question. But yes, go foucault and zizek <3

out of lights
Aftermath, I

College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Banos
The morning after typhoon Glenda 
Herbal t
I thought it was a pretty interesting question: who lighted the candles before we came to see them lighted as they were?